What Is Free2Scream

The Free2Scream Project was created to inspire, empower, and educate current victims of sexual abuse, as well as, survivors who are now free. It is my belief that society tends to shy away from the subject of sexual abuse and domestic violence. It is something people are uncomfortable talking about. Whether it be the shame from the family of the abuser, the fear in families of the victims, or simply the association with such a taboo subject; people avoid the reality. This encourages victims to avoid reality, this adds to the overwhelming amount of guilt and shame naturally felt by a groomed, abused, or controlled person.

Too many sexual assaults go unreported because of the power of fear.

Free2Scream sends the message that we should all live shamelessly with the truth of our abuse. For healing, for inspiration to others, and for the awareness that cannot be obtained until we share our stories and expose the evils everyone avoids. You have a voice and if you do not feel it is strong enough, or that you cannot be saved.... let us inspire you!

We are all Free2Scream!


  1. Amanda,
    Thank you so much for sharing your tragic story on Dr Phil. Being a father of three daughters I was impacted with all the abuse you've endured through the years. I pray that God will wrap his loving arms about you and give you the peace you richly deserve.

  2. Did your mom and siblings ever start to believe you ?