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  1. Amanda I am so very sorry you have such a crappy family!! No one should have to experience what you have experienced, and then be treated like you're the reason it happened! For your brother to say he would forgive you, and that he only wants a relationship with you so he can see your daughter?!! Oh no. For your mom's first words to be "I don't know much about lie detectors." Wow, just wow. They are all so incredibly selfish! I am just appalled at how your family treated you, even after the lie detector results. I disagree with Dr. Phil though, I don't know how you can continue a relationship with people who blame you for your abuse, and call you a liar when it's clear that you're telling the truth. Again, I am so sorry you're experiencing this. I am so angry that they have and continue to treat you this way. They should be begging you for your forgiveness for not believing you sooner. Hopefully Dr. Phil will get you the help you need to move on from this nightmare of a family.