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The bottom line is we cannot raise enough awareness of sexual abuse and domestic violence. We simply cannot talk about the subject enough. For every brave person there are hundreds of people who just can't find their voice or aren't strong enough to break free.

Through sharing your story you could change one life. Inspire just one victim or encourage one survivor to share theirs. The change in the world all starts with one. You never know who you will reach, you never know who can relate to or needs to know they relate to another's experience. It's time to feel less alone in the suffering forced upon us. 

*You can request to remain anonymous if you so wish.

To have your story shared either fill out the contact form on the homepage giving a brief description of why you are writing in and you will be contacted back to finalize details of what you would like to share.


Email Free2Scream at:

Your feedback is always welcome as well!


  1. Replies
    1. Hello You'realiar,

      Thank you for your comment! Free2Scream was designed to be a help to survivors and victims of abuse. As I continue to inspire and fight to end the shame of sexual abuse, your comment brings to light the raw reality of the judgment, ridicule, and cruelty many victims face. I stand proudly knowing I did not let those such as yourself discourage me in my coming forward. This is a great example for other victims to stand tall, no matter who stands against them or how cruel they may choose to be. The truth always comes out. Have a great day! And thank you again for your comment!

  2. You tell it girl! You do not deserve to be called hateful names but you especially do not deserve to be called a liar. The truth has set you free today and that's all that matters! Once again so proud of you!!!

  3. Amanda, i'm so proud of you for finding the courage to break free of the control he had over you; for wanting to protect your daughter; for having the strength to cooperate in the prosecution of your abuser; for making this blog to help others; for telling your painful story of your abuse. I could go on & on! I can't even begin to imagine your pain. You are truly an inspiration! God bless you.